Thursday, March 15, 2012

map-making fun

I mentioned recently about having Seth make his own maps to increase his understanding of geography, in this post on "blobbing the continents" from Leigh Bortin's book.
And I ended by saying the next recommended step was to draw South America.
Well, we worked on it over a two-day period last week and this is his first attempt:

Paying attention to the equator and Tropic of Capricorn lines made his map much more accurate and once he understood this, he seemed to enjoy it more. So now the goal is to keep practicing making this map until he can do it accurately from memory. Then move on to another continent. I wasn't able to sit down with him and make my own map, but I plan to in the future and I can see how this is really going to cement a lot of information in my memory.
Try it some time. Dare I say, it's a fun challenge? Invite some family and friends over, supply everyone with an atlas(make it a BYOA!) or hang up a wall map, hand out blank paper and see how everyone does. Good times. :)


  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Great job, Seth... MemMem is impressed!

  2. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I love this Heather - I got the idea from your "core" book you leant me months ago - the idea of free hand drawing instead of fill in the blank mapping... I feel like the kids (an maybe me..) finally know instinctively where europe really is with respect to the tropics and the equator....

    As always, you are a blessing...



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