Wednesday, April 06, 2011


In a recent discussion with my friend Barb about budgeting money for books and homeschool materials, I asked her what she would spend her money on if she didn't care about her budget. Her answer was fabric and craft suppplies, books, home decorating items and J.Crew clothes. Then she asked me. I assured her my list would include books and craft supplies as well and then we moved onto other topics. A day later it hits me, why didn't I add plants and flowers? My next conversation with Barb occurred a few days later. "Barb, I don't know how I forgot to say this, but gardening and flowers would certainly be at the top of that list", I said as soon as I could manage. And being an avid plant-lover herself, she said, "Of course!"
Here are some recent flowers that have graced our table in these last wintery months.

My lovely birthday bouquet sent from my parents.

Post-Valentine carnations

And currently, these sunny daffodils while I wait for Spring to settle in.

the real gift

Ever wonder what you look like to your children?
More specifically, ever wondered what you would look like in a Model Magic version of yourself?
Me either, but I found out anyway and it's not as glamorous as you probably imagined.
May I introduce you to, Me.

No one is clamoring for a close-up, but one is necessary and on the way.
This sculpture was a birthday gift from my son this past March. I consider it a much-needed reminder to keep me humble lest I think too highly of myself. I think it should do the job nicely, no? :)