Wednesday, July 25, 2018

more summer living


Because I use my camera almost everyday, the photos add up quickly and even though I'm choosy about what I post, I still had a lot of photos to share. So that means you get two quick posts in a row!

The kids and I go exploring during the day and then bring Shane to see all of our finds on the weekend. And of course, everything always goes just the way I planned it. Same for you, right?

We have a great community of friends from church and our homeschool activities, and I have been so grateful for all the ways we have been able to spend time together in various ways in recent weeks. Spring was a hectic and uncertain time for us and I also was determined to keep our lessons on track which resulted in less time for social visits. So by mid-June, I was ready to jump into hanging out with friends and family and done with lessons and house-planning stuff.  I only let myself unpack two boxes of my books so I've been reading some children's titles that I have found secondhand as a way of unwinding for summer. In our new town, we are part of a different library system so I have been waiting to get a new card and see what offerings they have. Since it is a much smaller library system, I may end up paying for access to our old library again. I love using the library for books that I may not read cover to cover, for recommended books that I want to know more about or for newly published books that may be only available in pricey hardcover. But for my kids' reading, they read books from our own collection that we keep adding to as we find good ones. They get wiped clean and then added into our Library Thing account to help us keep track of what we own.

One of my summer pleasures is making time for drawing and painting, especially nature finds. While I notice more details when I turn on my camera, nothing helps me really see like attempting to draw what is in front of me. I follow many artists, makers and illustrators on Instagram to inspire me and remind me to keep trying.
After searching long and hard for my art supplies, I found the box and dug out my watercolors and drawing pads. And while I still feel frustration with my lack of technique and ability, I see myself remembering more and seeing more which is very satisfying. Also my kids see me working on it, even while they play at the beach or front porch and I know that it's important for them to see me practice and together learn about what is around us.