Saturday, September 07, 2019

July into August

The last bits of July ended with celebrating Laura's 10th birthday in stages. Shane had a business trip for part of that week, so we celebrated her birthday early with a chocolate cake and a couple of gifts including a new-to-her scooter which was ridden down the hall into the living room by Shane.
For her actual birthday morning, we started early so it was just the girls and I as she opened her gifts and even Kate had a small bag of doll clothes to open. I did really well finding second-hand things for her to enjoy and she was very surprised and pleased by what she received. We like the older style of most toys so second-hand is the way to find our favorites.
Seth slept in and ate his share of birthday cinnamon rolls later in the morning. Then while the girls played, I got party prep underway. By 11am, our wonderful friends were arriving and by noon, we were ready to eat lunch together.
After lunch and some playtime, we all packed up and headed across the river to the beach for a couple of hours until everyone needed to get home.
Then the girls and I made a quick supper just for us with Shane away and Seth at work. After that we made one more birthday cake, a family tradition of angel food with chocolate whip before picking Seth up from his work later that evening.
Laura received lovely hand drawn letters and fun cards from her friends(young and old)who know her love of cats very well. As a mom, you always hope for kind friends for your children who play well and love well and we have been given many friends who do both in abundance.