Saturday, March 25, 2006


We're leaving New Brunswick. Details will follow.

Opportunity knocked, but I fumbled with the latch

Tonight I went to talk to our upstairs neighbor armed with goodies and news of my husband's job offer and with the intention of providing a clear witness to her concerning the gospel. The conversation seemed to give me a perfect opportunity to speak out about Christ and the forgiveness of sins. But then, it faltered and fumbled and finally fizzled. After talking about several other topics, I attempted to return the conversation back to Christianity. I inquired if they had a Bible, since just yesterday, when she was down to see us, she had checked out my husband's open Bible on the table. After she talked about how many they had and when they had gotten them, there was another opportunity to speak the truth and I failed to transition the topic. I felt frustrated. How hard can this be? Should it be this hard to present the gospel to a needy neighbor. So as the conversation seemed to be winding down, I asked her this time if she would be interested in going to church with us in the morning, as her husband is away and she is lonely. She asked what time and said she would try to ready if she thought she could go.
So now I'm hoping she'll go and that the Holy Spirit will use this time to speak to her about her eternal state.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A rundown of my week thus far...

I haven't been posting, I've barely been on the computer. Real life activities have kept me busy. After spending the weekend with my in-laws and gone all day Sunday for church, Monday was "get the house in order" and delete the overload of laundry. Monday night, my mom and I hosted a Pride & Prejudice movie night with some of our friends. Good movie, partial to the older one.
Tuesday evening Mom and I headed out to watch a figure skating show with many of Canada's top skaters. The tickets were a birthday present from my husband. Neither of us knew what to expect and we were blown away by the performances. The light and sound show was wonderful and the theatrical displays on ice were crazy. If I have time to do some research, I'll post who and what we saw. I would love to go again.
Today we visited some friends this afternoon who are also Americans and looking to get involved with church planting, probably in their native California. I looked through a church planting guide that they are studying which is published by Redeemer Presbyterian in Manhattan. I'm very excited for them and hope they can get on board. And as far as our plans go, we are waiting for a job offer to officially come through for my husband from a company he interviewed with recently.
I will post more when we know our plans. We are very excited about the possibilities.
Also heard from my sister-in-law that her baby boys are both 3lbs. 12 ounces and they continue to be breeched with no room to move into the correcting birthing position. She will progress as long as possible, but they will perform a C-section to remove the boys. Her due date is May 26th. Babies are wonderful!

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Here's a Hip-hip-Hooray! My mother is en route to visit us! "Memmem is coming", says my little guy. This has always been a difficult week for my family since we lost my youngest brother in an automobile accident three years ago this week. We trust that he's with the Lord, yet we miss him here with us.
Tim was 24 years old and the only occupant of the vehicle, his infamous yellow mustang. He was single and still living at home with my parents. In fact, he was putting the finishing touches on the room he renovated incorporating my old bedroom into his. He knocked down my bedroom wall, closed up my doorway and proceeded to paint the whole thing six coats of red. He then filled it up with the lushest carpet I have ever walked on, three pieces of black leather furniture, one queen-sized bed and a huge home entertainment system. It was his lounge pad. Now my husband and I get to enjoy it when we are home visiting my parents.
He knew that he was going be an uncle, two times over actually as both my sister-in-law and I were due later in the spring. I often wish he could be here to see the boys. He would have laughed himself silly over their antics. We chose to remember him by giving our son the middle name of Timothy. Now his picture hangs inside my armoire and my son is learning who his uncle was.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Think Spring!

The Philadelphia Flower Show is running this week. I was able to go several years back when I worked for Barnes&Noble. We had a mini gardening bookstore set up just outside the show's entrance. So between customers, we would run through the exhibts for free. I did take pictures that year, but they all turned out quite darkish with my hi-tech throw-away camera. However, I still have fun memories of taking in the show and hob-nobbing with the elite green thumbs of Philadelphia.