Tuesday, June 28, 2016

garden gad-about

The garden was coming along, doing its thing in an unrushed, slightly straggling kind of way. And then, in the last 48 hours, it has suddenly kicked it into high gear and is sending out blossoms and foliage like Mormon missionaries.
Baby cucumbers are swaying in the breeze; my zinnias, started from seed are opening up in their cheery signature colors. The bean plants are standing up tall and showing off their buds which will unleash their babies very soon. And the peas, oh the peas, delightful white flowers wearing their best green sunhats as the tiny pea pods begin to emerge.
Laura's sunflowers planted in Sunday school back in May are starting to show just how they plan to dwarf the rest of the garden.
We picked two radishes as a sample and some lettuce leaves and my favorite, Bronze Arrow is as delicious as always. The golden zucchini plants have only opened male blossoms so far, but I see tiny slivers of yellow tucked down in the center which mean female blooms are on the way.
The celery is too immature to eat, but the smaller outlying stalks were pressed into bouquet service for our last Charlotte Mason's Mom's Study group last night. Celery bouquets are one my favorites because it stays green so long and it's just so easy to work with.

Friday, June 24, 2016


We celebrated Seth's thirteenth birthday with my visiting parents with a birthday dinner at A&W, although it also popular with my Dad and Shane, so it kind of counted for Father's Day too. When we returned, we invited over the neighbor girl for some birthday cupcakes. 
The next afternoon we hosted Shane's brother and his family and close family friends. It was super hot and shade was sought while keeping track of small people running all around outside. 

My dad returned home and my mom has been staying for the rest of the week, which means we go to our usual haunts, one of which is Ikea and a local independent toy store.
I have been working on finishing the garden and tending to areas that needed some extra attention. I tucked in more radish seeds as my first seeding has produced really nice plants. I also added more lettuce and carrot seeds where the first ones did not take. And finally found some sprouted potatoes to plant from a local farm since none of my potatoes would sprout.

And finally, we were invited over to our friends' home to celebrate with an end-of-the-year recital, pool party and unexpectedly, but necessary chicken herding event. Very posh.
I have included a copy of the program that was written up by a budding master of ceremonies, Seth's friend, Gabe. I loved it, along with his closing remarks and short prayer. 
Seth was asked if he would also like to do a piano piece, but he declined this time. But his friends each played several pieces, along with their mom and my mom, who was asked very last minute. 
Seth did share two selections from Shakespeare that he had memorized and one original piece he wrote for a Grammar of Poetry lesson earlier this year.
Our friend Vanessa also attended with her crew of boys, who elected to be just observers this year, but plans for next year's recital are being made. A new tradition to look forward to.