Saturday, March 25, 2006

Opportunity knocked, but I fumbled with the latch

Tonight I went to talk to our upstairs neighbor armed with goodies and news of my husband's job offer and with the intention of providing a clear witness to her concerning the gospel. The conversation seemed to give me a perfect opportunity to speak out about Christ and the forgiveness of sins. But then, it faltered and fumbled and finally fizzled. After talking about several other topics, I attempted to return the conversation back to Christianity. I inquired if they had a Bible, since just yesterday, when she was down to see us, she had checked out my husband's open Bible on the table. After she talked about how many they had and when they had gotten them, there was another opportunity to speak the truth and I failed to transition the topic. I felt frustrated. How hard can this be? Should it be this hard to present the gospel to a needy neighbor. So as the conversation seemed to be winding down, I asked her this time if she would be interested in going to church with us in the morning, as her husband is away and she is lonely. She asked what time and said she would try to ready if she thought she could go.
So now I'm hoping she'll go and that the Holy Spirit will use this time to speak to her about her eternal state.

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