Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"So what have you been reading lately?"...

I'm so glad you asked.
Last week I took my father-in-law to several used bookstores in the city and at the first one I found a copy of this book, Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur. I have already read Elisabeth Elliot's biography of Amy Carmichael, A Chance to Die and have started rereading it again.
I just finished Noel Piper's book, Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God. This book highlights five well known women and their service to the Lord. I will be looking to get their own individual stories as the little snippets weren't nearly enough. It's hard to say which story was the most poignant as they all struck my heart in some form or another. Four of the women's stories were new to me and at times their experiences took my breath away. If you can read this, you should.
I just recently borrowed The Christ of the Covenants from our church's seminary library. It was recommended to me by a Reformed Baptist on the Derek Webb forum as a good explanation of Covenant Theology(CT). I'm only in the first chapter as this is not a book that I can read in bed at night as my eyes grow heavy and my mind becomes dull. CT is new territory for me and it's important that I take my time to take in as much as possible.
A few other books that I have started by haven't made much headway on are The Pilgrim's Progress in Modern English and Don't Know Much About History. I also usually have children's literature book on the go and this past Saturday I picked up a copy of Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator for a quarter at a yard sale.

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