Saturday, May 12, 2007

Life updated

Where do I start? Life has picked up to an increased rate which can only be described as "hurtling".
We closed on our house this week as many of you know. So we today we spent time cleaning the kitchen, taking down unwanted blinds, curtains and cupboards.
Here is a picture of the front of our townhouse taken Thursday evening after we received the keys from the lawyer via our agent. Being our fifth wedding anniversary, we celebrated in style. Kinda.
We brought a picnic dinner of Subway sandwiches to eat on the dining room hardwood floor as we investigated our new purchase. It was so nice to see the flowers in bloom next to the front door. The last time we had seen the house was mid-March under snow and ice. The next picture is taken from our front steps looking over the rest of the condo area with the parking lot in the far distant. All the condos face inward to the common green area.
Moving day is set for next Saturday with most of the packing done, just the stuff we are still using plus odds and ends. Behind the house is a large grassy area which leads to the banks of a small river which is suitable for canoeing and kayaking. It appears to be a quiet neighborhood helped by the dead-end street. So far everyone who has passed by us on the paths has been friendly and today I briefly talked with one of our nextdoor neighbors who seemed nice.
Hopefully we can get away from noisy, inconsiderate and often stupid neighbors. Since our married life has begun in Canada we have been plagued by terrible experiences with unruly neighbors. Buying a house in a quieter area was one way we thought we could fix this ongoing issue.
So this time we're hoping God has blessed us with friendly and considerate neighbors.
Coupled with the home-buying and moving experience, we also have been blessed with another experience, a pregnancy. I'm almost 7 weeks if the doctor's calculations are to be trusted. :)
My due date is January 7th, 2008 which gives me plenty of time to get the house in order and ready for a new baby.
Our almost four-year old son is thrilled and asks everyday if the baby is still growing. Then he wants to know how the baby is going to come out. Ahhh, the difficult questions of life. I tell him that at the hospital the doctor will help me when the baby's ready. Seems to make sense right now.
I'm currently on two waiting lists for midwifery groups. Hopefully, the Lord will open a position with one of the offices. Some of you may not be aware, but I was under the care of midwives in Pennsylvania for my first baby, who ended up being delivered C-section. So now I am in a special group of women which limits which hospitals I can deliver with the midwives. Who knew?
My sister is also expecting and is due at the end of July. And my twin nephews turned one last month, so our family is not hurting for babies to love. My mother is of course delighted, actually ecstatic is more like it.
We are very happy, albeit a little surprised by how quick this came. We were planning on trying this summer, well...guess we'll have other things to do this summer. :)

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