Friday, April 11, 2008


This was written last week and is a follow-up to my initial post A lot less.

Today was garbage day in our area and the week for our cardboard and magazines/paper to go. Having felt convicted about my hoarding of certain items, today seemed the day for them to go. Leftover wedding invitations, favors and bulletins all were pitched today with only one of each to keep as a momento of our happy day. Unused thank you cards were set aside to use up. My beloved Martha Stewart Living magazines are sitting together waiting to be donated to the library magazine exchange. And in a last minute decision, all the interesting catalogs that I have saved from my mom's mail. Pottery Barn, L.L. Bean, Williams & Sonoma, etc. All recycled.
I realized that I don't need to be reminded of all the stuff I don't have. I want to be content. They weren't helping.
Used wrapping paper from gifts received that was just too nice to ball up and throw away. So I kept it. Not anymore.
And the list goes on.
It's all very convicting. I just have so much. Too much. So I go back at it.

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