Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Necessary reminder

What I’m learning as we step (sometimes fumble) through the three-legged race of family life, these ways of getting closer genuinely make it better:

* Reach out and gently touch when you talk; make it a practice to always connect before your direct.
* Fully listen to conversations with your ears, eyes, whole body language. Smile into eyes.
* Make time for walks, a mug of hot chocolate, a chapter of a book read aloud together. There’s no better way to spend time than making time.
* Let your words fill with the affection you feel. Children don’t assume they’re loved when our words aren’t loving.
* Tuck in with long talks in the dark, a foot rub, prayers. It’s the happiest way to finish a day.
* Slow down: the priority is hearts not household tasks. Take a deep breath and preach to yourself often: “I want to be, more than I want to do.”

From Ann's Untangling family knots

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    Liked that last post at lot.



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