Monday, March 16, 2009

I changed it

Blogger offers many gadgets or "widgets"(if you're in the know)and over the years I have added the ones that enhanced the blogging experience mostly for me. So several weeks I ago I changed my long time link list and used the "blog roll" gadget. It automatically updates your blog roll with what is the most current posts from the listed blogs. It is nice to know when a blog has been updated so I did like the feature initially. Now, not really. Some of the blogs are set to take you to the entire blog including older posts. Other feeds just send you to the most current post's page. That is what I do not like. I like to see the whole blog, previous posts and comments included.
Another thing I realized I was missing was the mystery. I like mysteries. I liked going to a blog and looking to see what was new and wonderful or just re-reading the most current. With the "blog roll", I felt like I didn't need to go to a blog since "ho-hum, there isn't anything new to look at".
So along with the sense of mystery gone(did they post anything new?) and the replaced sense of I'll-stop-by-when-your-blog-is-updated kind of high-mindedness, I realized I didn't like that widget anymore.
I'm a classic kind of girl. I wear classic clothes and eat classic foods. I watch classic movies and listen to classic(al) music. Some call that boring. Fine. But after many, many years, I'm finally learning what it means to be me and not the next person. I blame that kind of growing up on my husband, but that's another story for another day.
So, if your blog is listed here(as if they read mine, ha!), please know I changed the format back because I actually want to read your blogs at my discretion and not at some gadget's prompting.

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  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Don't let the widgets get ya' my classy.....I mean classic daughter-in-law!!!!

    Trust you're in the planning stages of your spring trip to the East:-)


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