Thursday, September 03, 2009

pep talk to myself

Do you ever feel embarrassed to have seen yourself and your situation as so unbearable and unrelenting only to find someone who has been given a greater burden yet they carry it with much grace and perseverance?
That happened to me again today.
Feeling sorry for myself and my constant state of tiredness and lack of ability to do all "the other things" and then I find this. Moms who struggle with so much more than me and are still able to love and encourage each other with kind words and thoughts of intercessory prayer.
It's pathetic to see yourself wimping out on life's trials especially when they are NOTHING compared to what others are doing.
Stop whining, pray for strength and get ready to be strong. This trial may be just a warm-up for the real deal.

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  1. There is wisdom in what you write. But the reality is not quite that grim.

    I like to think of it this way: the challenges remain all the way through the parenting experience. They don't go away. Each season brings it's own unique agenda, quite unlike the others. We just have to stick with it, that's all.

    You have what it takes. Just hang in there.

    If this doesn't make you feel any better, then you could always use a little lift from Woody Allen (of all the people to quote!): "Eighty percent of life is just showing up."

    It's true, you know.


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