Saturday, November 28, 2009

just asking

He's sitting on the couch drawing a picture. I ask him what he's drawing and he replies as he holds up the partly finished picture, "They're getting married." Unsure what "they" are supposed to be, I nod and smile. A slight pause and then I ask, "Do you think you'll get married someday?" He peeks up from his work with a small grin, "Yes", he quickly answers. Now it's his turn to wait and then ask, "Do you have get kissed?" Smiling, I respond carefully, "Well, most married people do." He makes a face, "That's a-scusting." More smiles from me. Then he says, "Well, I'd still do it." Brimming with laughter, I simply continue to smile. He then quickly adds, "I'll have to get my license first."
I love this kid.


  1. that is so funny!!!. The things he comes up with!. Miss him. Too bad I do not have av little girl around here... ;)

  2. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Nannie loves him!


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