Sunday, July 11, 2010

reduced sugar jam

In my search to reduce the amount of sugar I needed to put in my strawberry jam, I found this great pectin product called Pomona's Universal Pectin. Our local natural food store had two boxes left, so I asked them to be put aside and my husband brought them home that evening. I used about half of the pectin powder in the first box and the calcium water(see website)is in a jar in the fridge for future use. The directions were similar to regular jam instructions and I was able to make 10 small jars in a very short amount of time while my girls napped. The jam appears to be quite firm and is sweet with only using about two cups of organic cane sugar per four cups of mashed berries. I could have used less sugar but the berries were starting to turn and I wanted to make sure the flavor was good. You can use whatever sugar substitute meets your needs as well as a fruit-only recipe. This blog post at Foods for Long Life introduced me to the pectin. I am thrilled to get away from all that sugary jam.

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