Thursday, September 23, 2010

a web bouquet

With the exception of the first link, which links to a specific post that struck me quite funny, the rest of the links take you to the main page of these sites. Some I have been checking on for a while, some are still like-new to me. They cover a wide variety of interests, but hopefully one will catch your eye and give you a new friend. :)

The Reluctant Entertainer

Finding the Motherlode

Meadowbrook Farm

The Magic Onions

Baking Bites

Hearts and Trees


Across the Page

Reformed Music

Rhythm of the Home

And just for fun, here's me with every bride's dream bouquet. :)


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    What did you do with that lovely bouquet of celery?
    It looks wonderful =)
    p.s. I read the blog about "Mary" and have been thinking about her ever since. mom

  2. Mom,
    I took that bundle of celery to church for anyone to take. I have tons more to eat and use.

  3. The picture didn't load right away so I had a lot of fun anticipating just what the dream bouquet could be!

  4. Richele,
    LOL, I'm sure my bouquet was a bit of a let down, then. I guess it's better than saying "Here I am cradling our newest family additions." :)
    Thanks for letting me in on your fun.

  5. Nope, not a let down, a really fun surprise!


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