Friday, March 04, 2011

original work

Come follow the paper-trail through our home.

A story between friends.
(The Adventures of What We've Been Doing)

Notes to warn of sleeping babies.

Signs for special agents.

Keeping sisters safe.(Each sign points to a baby gate for areas leading to stairs.)

Marking Potential plumbing issues.

Fine dining table setting.(He often sets the table for dinner and one evening as I prepared dinner, I saw him wrapping up the silverware; this is what I found.)

I save them all and treasure the phonetic spelling. It won't be long before these words are spelled correctly by a more grown-up hand and the mystery and the humor will be no more.


  1. love it heather, Julianna does the same with the napkins. thanks for sharing. Janice

  2. The one on the toilet seat is fantastic! Well, less fantastic if the toilet really was out of order, I suppose...

  3. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Just love these instructional expressions =)
    MemMem treasures an identification note, from the same hand, taped to the wall in our house over the key caddy saying: "K E Y S".


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