Tuesday, November 08, 2011

a peaceful heart

Sally Clarkson with Close Every Day With a Blessing
No matter what a day has held: fussing, conflict, excitement, drudgery, joy, celebration, hard work, putting the day to end well is a wise endeavor. When we understand this idea of blessing our child each night before they go to bed, it carries with it the idea of giving our children a peaceful heart. We give love to our child’s heart when we tie all loose ends together with unconditional love by blessing them every night, putting to rest all of the burdens of the day and giving them into the hands of God. Every day, we ended in words of love and grace.

No matter what has transpired through out the day, we can close it by speaking to our child’s heart. “I love you no matter what. Forgive me for my impatience today, please? Or I forgive you for your disobedience today. You are very precious to me. I am blessed to have you. You may go to sleep without bearing anger, or a guilty conscience, or fear, because I love you and God loves you and He will be with you. Sleep in peace, my precious.”

As I put Laura to bed last night I thought of two things. 1)Oh boy, putting her to bed in her crib is so easy, what will it be like once she is in a toddler bed? Another worry for another day, I don't have to think about it tonight. 2)I should move the comfy rocker chair back in here so I can sit and read and sing with her at bedtime just like I used to do with Seth when he was little like her.
I remember sitting with him and singing and telling him about who God was and His Son Jesus. We talked about lots of things. He always listened so well and I enjoyed that extra quiet time in the dark with only a nightlight to see by.

Laura loves to read books and recently she has started to remind me to sing during some of our bathing routines, like hair drying and nail trimming, her two least favorites. "Sing?" she says. I like that. :)

(I have always sung to the kids when I trim their nails to help distract them and keep them still. Laura was the worst when she was younger, now she is very good, but I still sing.)

Seth at four years old. Just to remind me.

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