Thursday, March 29, 2012

planting ideas

paper roll idea found here

egg shell idea found here

On Sunday as I was moving my seedlings to cook dinner, the smallest container with the maturest seedlings dumped and three of the seedlings bent over. I was so disappointed but decided to just leave them alone and see what happened to them. One of them has apparently persevered through the trauma. So I guess I can transplant it and bury the bent stem in the dirt or I could experiment with growing hanging tomatoes upside down out of a bag. But in the meantime, I can admire the tenacity of this little guy.

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  1. Gardening always reminds me that God brings about change at his own pace. We watch anxiously for those seedlings to sprout, hoping to see a change sooner than we actually do. I'm reminded that the normal pace he uses in his natural creation is typically the one he uses in changing us, with those few exceptions of "hard times" which, surprisingly, we complain about!


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