Wednesday, April 25, 2012

watching and learning

I alluded to some of Kate's achievements in an earlier post, so here are a  few more glimpses of her at play. This morning, I came across her trying to diaper her doll with one of Laura's diapers, so I offered her a diaper that came with some dolls we bought a couple of years ago. It took her a few tries to accurately peel the tabs, stick them snugly on the front and then peel them back when she wanted to undo the diaper. The girls' diapers work more like velcro, but these tabs are stickers that adhere to the front.

She then smoothed down the shirt and went off to find the doll's bloomers. Getting those on by herself was a struggle but after I helped her, she patted her doll's back and proceeded to walk her around the floor a bit. Laura was of course, fascinated by all this and after she finished her muffin, she had a turn trying to do it. We have more diapers and more dolls so I expect this will be another area of play for the girls.

And here she is trying to figure out how to use the scissors to slit open the sale flyers bag like she sees me do. She didn't know exactly what to do with the scissors so she was just poking the bag gently with them. Yes, we know that she isn't ready to use scissors safely yet, so I did take them and do it for her. But I had to laugh because she obviously watches everything I do around here.

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