Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a different problem

I lost almost all my original seedlings so a replanting was in order. I now see that I have a different problem if even half of these lettuce seedlings survive and thrive. Space!
And they are only one kind, I still have a different variety to re-pot later today. Also, I had been planning on buying Romaine plants to supplement my immature seedlings to get us started eating our own lettuce sooner.  Yikes!
The upside is that because I pick the leaves when they are young, the plants do not take up the space that a mature head of lettuce requires.

The yellow bowl in the middle of the table contains a very small tadpole with a large piece of algae for its food and comfort. He came from our neighbor's neglected fish pond which I think is currently hosting everything but fish.
Clearly, my library loan request came in just in time to help Seth with his tadpole and also his ant jar which he is planning to re-do today since he discovered the ants grappling with each other in a death grip last night after dinner.  Shane suggested he let them loose.  Apparently you need to pick ants from the same colony to avoid them attacking each other instead of working to make new homes.  I think I can see parallels in the history of human civilizations without too much difficulty.

Seth's current interest in ants is due to the opening chapters of Book 3 of the Christian Liberty Nature Reader which is a series I highly recommend and can be found here.

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  1. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Pets in the a Jar... classic.

    The only downfall of this otherwise fantastic book- no SPIDERS???

    Mr. Simon needs do to a 2nd edition.



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