Thursday, November 29, 2012

making connections, even in Narnia

As we were listening to Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, this afternoon, I heard something in the exchange with the professor and Susan and Peter about Lucy that I had never noticed before but I'm sure many others have. Concerning Lucy's supposed lying about going into Narnia through the wardrobe, the professor suggested that they only had three options when considering the matter of Lucy.  He suggests that she is either lying, mad or telling the truth.  As I fed Kate and listened to this dramatized conversation, I remembered that Lewis is famous for his defense of Christ's divinity by proposing similar three options.  I found the following paragraph after a quick internet search, indicating that it indeed was a teaching technique employed by Lewis throughout his writings.
In addition to demonstrating a Socratic teaching method, the discussion among the Professor, Peter and Susan, shows another mode of teaching used by Lewis--a trichotomy. A trichotomy is a three-part version of the philosophical "dichotomy," which dramatizes that there are only two real choices or options in assessing the truth of a proposition; a trichotomy attempts to force a choice among threethings. The Professor explains that Lucy's story of Narnia shows that she is (a) lying, (b) mad, or (c) telling the truth. Put this way, they all agree that the "logical" conclusion is that Lucy is telling the truth about her adventures beyond the wardrobe. Lewis also uses the trichotomy in Mere Christianity to defend the divinity of Christ, who men variously refer to as "liar, lunatic, or Lord." Lewis adeptly champions the last option.
from The Socratic Teaching Method 

Seth apparently was making his own connections as he listened before heading outside to play in the snow.  He said, "Narnia sounds like the land of Canaan, you know, with honey."  Not sure what he heard that made him think of that, but the point is, he is listening and that's important.  


  1. Amy Knight8:40 AM

    Heather, my brother preached a message along those lines a few months ago. It has stuck with me. How wonderful to know that He is indeed Lord!

    It's wonderful to know that we can believe with intelligence because our beliefs are based on truth!

  2. Anonymous3:29 PM

    YES! He is listening and his thoughts are in the right realm... something in the Bible. ( even if it not clear how he made the connection! ) Love that kid =)


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