Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 : : some thoughts that come to mind : :

*planning which seeds to start first in what is left of this week, herbs for sure

*encouraging my body to recover from the stomach flu

*thankful no one else appears to getting it

*wishing for an early spring for my friends who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

*thinking of what materials I need to order for our lessons

*surprised by a very nice rough draft letter Seth worked on this afternoon to send to some friends

*loving the thoughtfulness of his homemade "get-better" card he produced this morning quietly up in his room

*grateful for a close neighbor to take care of the kids overnight when Shane needed to take me to the doctor earlier this week

*enjoying many different books from many different genres

*counting the hours before I can crawl back into bed under the covers of warm blankets and darkness

*wondering if I will still want to be part of social media by the end of this year

*asking the Lord to remove my critical spirit

*hoping to sew some blankets for new babies in our church family

*dreaming of spring green and fresh flora

*listening to my children play and Karajan conduct

*keeping my drawing book close by to encourage me to keep practicing

*feeling my age, but keeping my youth

*caring for my husband with more love and understanding each year

*celebrating eleven years of marriage this spring and a ten year old firstborn this summer

*finding God's Word to be more faithful and true than ever

: : love to all of you who take time to read here : :

** Updated to add my crazy and wonderful friend Gina's own Woolgathering which is hilarious, where mine was more introspective.  You don't need to know her to enjoy reading hers!


  1. I like this. I feel like I'm somewhat caught up on your life now. :D

  2. lol, yours is even better.

  3. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Oh no, sick... when mama's sick it sticks for everybody..

    lots of blessings your way. Drink tea.


  4. Anonymous5:11 PM

    ps - can I implore you to not be part of social media by the end of this year... I mean other than blogging. That would not do.



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