Tuesday, May 28, 2013

morsels of goodness for the mind

A Boy's Life by Anthony Ensolen via The Children's Hour
Consider Luke, the boy, through the eyes of his father. What does he see? 
He sees the vir futurus. He also sees himself, and his own father, and his grandfathers. I’m not just talking about physical resemblance. They share the same sex: They share the same mode of relating to the future of their kind. They are not the bearers of children, but the begetters. They are not the field, but the sowers. They cannot know the body-from-body bond their wives know when they bear children. Theirs is an approach from outside; and they enjoy the strengths and suffer the shortcomings of the far-sightedness that that approach implies.
But does he talk to Luke about sex—the mechanics? In a healthy time, he wouldn’t have to, so soon. It’s not a healthy time. So he does, gently, when the boy seems curious. He must protect Luke against wicked and foolish people, even teachers. But he grounds those discussions in reality: husbands and wives and children. He does not vaporize about “when you’re ready” or “when you really love somebody.” Pablum seasoned with poison, that. 
  Just My Imagination" by R.C.Sproul, Jr.
Her vague, internal, unverifiable promptings were pushing against God’s Holy Word, and she wasn’t sure which should give way.The Bereans were noble, not because they constructed a wonderful image of Christ in their own minds, but because they returned to the Word, checked by the Word.  And we are called to do the same

If possible, I like to listen to things while I fold laundry.  Sometimes, I just play music I've posted to my Tumblr blog.  Sometimes, I catch up on CiRCE Institute archives or the Society for Classical Learning archives. Other times I listen to lectures or sermons on various Biblical topics or passages.  This video below is what I am currently listening to, over and over until the various points sink in and can be recalled without effort.  Hearing the Word of God spoken about like this brings joy to my soul.

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  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Oh Heather - I love this post, I love the "Pablum seasoned with poison, that."

    This is such a struggle and so rarely talked about in Christians circles, as if we are other worldly and have no attachment to the flesh. But we do!!

    Let's not lead our children to embody the scourging ideals of Naomi Wolf and the like, the way my generation did, the way I did... that road is a dark one.



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