Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February moments

She usually puts this crown on upside down and falling over her eyes, it lasted like this for only a second more and then it was cast aside for another activity.

Her days are spent mostly with either a pencil and paper in her hand or one of the many stuffed characters that hang around the beds and shelves in this house.  And always a story being told with whatever she is doing.

We have spent time watching the Olympics since the opening ceremonies and Seth has been very excited over every Canadian win. Loud cheering has been known to erupt and Kate enjoys all the uproar even if she doesn't quite get the reason.

Kate was told to go change her shirt when she spilled some breakfast on it. A few minutes later, she came downstairs wearing this pajama outfit cobbled together from Seth's drawers. We had a good laugh and she did look quite cute, but I did make her change into her own clothes just to keep her in line. 

The squirrels are dominating the new bird feeder and Seth was concerned that this little frisky red squirrel was not able to reach the lower part of the bird feeder so he left a trail of seeds for him to find.

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  1. We are less concerned about the welfare of the squirrels here in the urban jungle. Those little stinkers bit off the string that was hanging my laborious-home-made suit balls, and dragged it away!!! ARGH!!!!

    I am glad Seth is so soft-hearted.


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