Wednesday, May 21, 2014

here and away

It has been an very hectic April and May with a full social calender, necessary appointments, lessons, and many other obligations. In trying to catch up with my posting, I should start with the most recent and work our way back.
Yesterday I started planting seeds in our garden. Yes, I feel behind. Cucumber, peas and yellow beans.  There's no photo because there's nothing to show you except dirt. Lovely brown dirt with lovely long busy worms underground. Here are some seeds I'm nurturing in my little greenhouse.

I still have to plant tomatoes, celery, lettuces, yellow zucchini. And whatever else I can fit in.

The day before that was Monday, Victoria Day in which we drove home from my parents. Here are a couple of photos I took from around their house early in the morning.

Before that trip was Sunday, which included church in the morning, a surprise 40th birthday party for my brother-in-law in the afternoon, visiting with family, quick shopping and Wegman's take-out with Shane and then back home to my parents to watch the finale of Amazing Race.
Next up, photos from my parents' 50th anniversary party.

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