Wednesday, July 16, 2014

in the garden

 Today it's a quick run through the garden to see what's growing this year. First up are the lettuces, two kinds, Romaine and my favorite seen below, Bronze Arrowhead.

A row of slim celery stalks plumping up with each watering.

My trailing cucumbers finally making their way up the fence. I prefer English cucumbers without the seeds. 

Marigolds stationed as guards to help keep unwanted pests away.

Clematis going above and beyond the lattice frame it came with, doing its part to cover an ugly brown fence.

A new kind of bean, something similar to a white kidney bean, but I have been eating them as string beans.

The obligatory sun sugar mini tomatoes, the only ones ripe yet. Mmmm.

The leggy pea plants that grew a million feet while I was away and needed to be tied up to the top of the fence. Hopefully they put their energy into producing flowers and pods now that they have been secured.

One pod in the making, looking forlornly around for others to join him.

Yellow wax beans, already giving us some delicious beans that gleam like gold on our plates.

Yellow zucchinis forming, with unopened flowers waiting to burst open and be pollinated. I like to help with that part if I can.

Russet potato plants thriving and no potato bugs in sight!

Overwintered mint(in a clay pot in the ground) back with full strength, giving its flavor to countless batches of brewed iced tea.

And from my neighbor's garden, a fence full of blooming cucumbers. Isn't it glorious!

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