Friday, June 12, 2015

most days

I keep coming here to write and keep leaving with nothing coming to mind that resembles the English language. Lots of staring at my walls, interrupted with frequent head turnings to see which rodent is currently scampering through my garden and other riveting moments that collapse into a pile of Another Day is Done.
We are still working on our lessons because 1) we have a goal of what we would like to finish, 2) neighborhood kids are still away at school and 3) we like what we are reading and doing.  Number three comes and goes in waves, but since there are many times it is truly true, I put it out there.
But next week, by Wednesday evening, summer break will officially commence and summer routines will be officially discussed and arranged. And I will send the children out the front door, slip out the back door and slump into a patio chair with half of my bookcase piled around me and enough snacks and drinks to last until September.
I can see nothing wrong with this plan.

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