Wednesday, October 21, 2015

the work of a private schoolmaster (or mistress)

"Now the theory of private schools is (or was) constant supervision out of school; therein differing fundamentally from that of public schools.
It may be right or wrong; but if right, this supervision surely ought to be the especial work of the head-master, the responsible person. The object of all schools is not to ram Latin and Greek into boys, but to make them good English boys, good future citizens; and by far the most important part of that work must be done, or not done, out of school hours. To leave it therefore in the hands of inferior men is just giving up the highest and hardest part of the work of education. Were I a private schoolmaster, I should say, let who will hear the boys their lessons, but let me live with them when they are at play and rest."
 ~ Thomas Hughes, Tom Brown's Schooldays


  1. Still, 6 or more hours of school is a lot of time. Although parents do have a huge influence over their children's lives. I suppose it depends on how they use that influence & if they're involved in their children's lives. I'm amazed that so many parents have a hands off approach once their offspring hit 18 years of age - a time when they are making major life decisions.I had that book on my classics list and was wondering whether I'd bother. Have you enjoyed the book in the main?

  2. Carol, to be honest, I have found the book difficult to engage in sustained reading. But Middlemarch had me down as well before I powered through. I'm glad to hear you say that parents need to be involved with their adult children, both my husband and I feel the same.


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