Thursday, December 17, 2015

more gift ideas for kids

Here's a second list of ideas I've compiled that make great Christmas or birthday gifts for kids of all ages. The original list from last year is here.

comic books (Tintin, Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts, The Far Side, Vintage Mickey Mouse, etc.)

audio books or radio drama (Focus on the Family, Jim Weiss, Classical Kids, Cherry Jones for Little House, etc.)

felt food, playscape mat, peg people (Pinterest and Etsy have a wealth of ideas and inspiration for crafting or buying)

headlamp, magnetic compass, magnifying lens, fixed blade knife, rope, etc (anything for responsible indoor or outdoor use)

movie gift cards ( for crazed Star Wars fans, just as an example)

gardening, digging, raking tools (including gloves, wheelbarrows, and kneepads)

crafting items( skip the foam and crafting kits and head to the dollar store for jute, string, yarn, tape, gluesticks, cardstock, and for some kids, saved up cardboard tubes, egg cartons and other 'junk' stashes, etc.)

crafting books (how to make pom-poms, peg people, clay items, felted things, etc)

drawing, doodling or whittling books

viewmasters (yes, they still make them, although vintage ones are often better made with better picture content)

sports equipment (new soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, hockey pucks, etc.)

sheet music for instrument players 

real tool box with hammer, pliers, etc. for appropriate age (my dad did this last year for my son and he loves it)

bedroom decor (desk or shelf lamps, posters, prints or bunting, soft rugs, etc.)

slippers, bathrobes, lap blankets or fun pillows for at home or in the car

There are many other ideas out there, hopefully this partial list (and the one from last year) helps as you consider the interests and abilities of the kids in your life. And of course, if you have time or inclination, making something, no matter how small or inexpensive, are gifts that become treasures, things to remember the fleeting moments of childhood. Finishing things in January (or Feburary) is allowed too. Last year, I didn't get to make everything I had planned, but they were still well received in the new year.
And most of all, the gift of time spent together as consistently as is possible is the best gift of all. They won't always be in our homes looking for our attention.
Happy Advent!

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