Wednesday, February 17, 2016

therapy work and play

We have resumed private therapy for Kate and one of the first things we learned from this wonderful therapist is that trunk rotation is connected to lateral tongue movement.
Meaning if you can stand stationary and put your hands on your hips, swing your elbows out and rotate your hips(trunk), you can likely move your tongue from one corner of your lips to the other.
Kate can't rotate her trunk without support and she can't move her tongue from side-to-side. She tilts her whole head and cranes her neck to try to move it.
The body movements are all connected and accomplishing trunk movements is key to helping get the tongue moving laterally for eating and chewing.
So we are working on trunk rotation games and tongue movement. If you are praying for Kate, those would be two precise things to pray for her to learn to do. And that we would be faithful in making time for her to intentionally practice these skills.
This a very short article explaining more. (I apologize for the cross-post on my Facebook page, but I know some of my most faithful prayer warriors read here and not there.)

Also I don't post home videos very often, but here is a video I took last week of Kate putting one of my old sweaters on a hanger. I usually can tell when she's been hanging things up in my part of the closet. But the fact that she has taught herself to do this is amazing to me.


  1. I am praying... she is so beautiful! Love seeing her and hearing you.

    1. Bonnie, thank you for praying and for your kind words.

  2. this is so very fascinating!


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