Sunday, September 25, 2016

Field Trip

This is our sixth year visiting this historical village in Eastern Ontario in early September with other homeschooling families. We had a beautiful day to enjoy walking around this village. While waiting for the saw mill to start, we visited the broom maker's cottage and watched him finish up a tall broom. He makes the brooms out of sorghum which is grown there in the village and sews it together with linen thread, if I remember correctly.
My favorite room this year was the spinning wheel room in the dressmaker's cottage. The 'dressmaker' was outside behind the cottage, tending a fire and several large pots filled with natural dye materials soaking and yarn in various stages of being dyed. We stopped to watch her work and chat with some other visitors who were asking her questions. Then we went inside, and I was ready to move in and put on the kettle.
The lovely yellow floor was being warmed by the afternoon sun pouring in the windows and all the implements on display for yarn work were bathed in this glorious light.

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  1. The colours are beautiful! It has been a very long time since I was at Upper Canada Village--maybe someday we will get back there.


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