Thursday, December 01, 2016

making tea

 I first saw the idea of fabric play tea bags on Pinterest  a long time ago, but when my girls and I were invited to celebrate a dear little friend's four-year-old birthday earlier in November, I decided to give the idea a try.
I didn't have a good tutorial, so I fumbled my way through two methods before settling on this style.
Looking through my fabric stash, I found this Beatrix Potter cotton print that I had purchased many years ago. This was perfect for our little friend who has been watching the sweet animated cartoons for the last year or so with her little brother.
I decided to stuff some whole clove pieces in with the quilt batting to give them a pleasant scent during tea time play.
I decorated a little storage box that was easy to open and close and included a set of four demitasse-sized spoons from Ikea. I lined both the tea box and the spoon box with pieces of felt for beauty and softness.
It came together so nicely and my seven year old requested some to be made for her kitchen.

In the meantime, I decided to break into my Christmas fabric stash bought on sale after Christmas last year. And while searching for project ideas, I decided to just continue the tea bag theme, this time adding a dash of peppermint flavoring to the quilt batting. The tea is ready!


  1. Those are positively adorable, Heather! Love this idea!

  2. These are delightful!!

  3. How cute! Do you only use them once??

    1. Carol, they are for pretend play. :)

    2. I was wondering how you'd refill them.

  4. They are very cute! I hope the children get a lot of "use" out of them!

  5. These are totally Etsy worthy. I love them.


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