Saturday, December 09, 2017

a bit bewildered

I cannot understand how it is possibly December right now. I'm somewhere back in September, and I can't seem to figure out how why everyone is talking about Advent and Christmas already.
Under duress, I made myself start jotting down Christmas gift ideas for our kids. It wasn't until I went out and did some shopping that it became very real. I now have gifts hidden in my house. We are playing Christmas music at home and in church. We are attending and participating in various Christmas recital programs. Tomorrow evening is our church's Christmas party.
Also I have less than a week until we celebrate Kate's tenth birthday.
My girl will be ten years old. Tissues please.

We finished Term 1 of Ambleside Online with an exam/review week, two weeks ago. And then all my well-meaning December term plans fell flat last week with a whole bunch of other stuff that needed to get done. So we see what this coming week will do for us.
I have been keeping up with some Advent readings from Malcolm Guite's Waiting on the Word which I ordered two years ago from the UK, but it is available now in North America from most booksellers. He makes me realize how poorly I read, especially poetry. But I enjoy his connections so much, and I hope that I can learn from his skillful observations.

We are planning to sell our house in the spring, so this is likely our last Christmas here. We have lived here ten years and our children really only know this home so please pardon me as I add a few photos to remember it as it is tonight.

It has been a good little house for us. It has taught me to think carefully how I use each space. Where we live next has not been decided. We are staying close to the same area, perhaps moving closer to my husband's work or maybe just moving a few miles away. We will have to see what's available come spring. Meanwhile we have been packing, painting, and purging. I am keeping lists for myself of what needs to be cleaned out so that I'm only packing things we actually need to keep. It's been very freeing,  but really I purge quite often so it's amazing how fast things creep back in that we do not need.

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