Friday, February 01, 2019


I posted a similar image to the one below this morning on my irregularly-used Instagram account discussing my plan for finishing the rest of winter in February and March with a good attitude. I mentioned that I was thinking of it as Winter Two, but unsure what it meant for me.
As I've thought of it over the last couple of days, I see this as a season for me to care more about the neglected and disheartened areas of my life. I cannot control the weather but I can push myself to not give into any sort of despair or discontent for the difficulties of life. Being outside in the sunshine, wandering around in God's creation is a great antidote for my self-centered thought life. So while I wait for more pleasant days to be outside, I am looking for ways to battle discontentment by caring and creating with dedicated intention not just drifting along with the calendar.
If you see more posts around here in the next few weeks, that maybe the results of some of my efforts to enjoy and thrive in Winter Two.


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