Tuesday, May 28, 2019

indoors in April

Kate is an expert at folding laundry. She is an expert at knowing whose clothes are whose. She is also an expert at putting away the clothes. She expertly handles hanging clothes on the hangers. 
But recently she was thrown a loop when we added open shelving to our master walk-in closet giving Seth our tall dresser. 
So now she simply dumps the socks and shirts and undies on the closet floor, hangs up a few articles and then whips the remaining items up as high as she can muster to wherever they land on the open shelves. It's become a bit of messy nightmare. She also hasn't mastered any system of keeping pairs of socks together so she invented her own. It's called the stuffed sock. She opens one sock and stuffs it full with whatever pleases her. It also is a messy nightmare. And I need to help her understand our new system since her new system is driving me batty

Laura's history readings have centered around the exploration of the 'New World' and the English colonies' fight for independence. Our readings have taken us up and down the American coast with time spent in the French, Spanish and English colonies. But when it came time to discuss the thirteen colonies' decision for independence, she struggled to keep up with it all.  So we asked for Seth's army people, we dug out my grandmother's Liberty bell replica and we worked on establishing a good timeline of the events.  This sure is tricky terrain to study among all these Loyalists up here. 

Celebrating Easter in a new house meant deciding on new places to hide chocolate eggs for three levels of searchers in one area. I'm pleased to say that all three of them were stumped on a couple of hiding places! 

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