Thursday, October 31, 2019

looking for color

The grocery store blooms lasted a couple of weeks before the stems grew yucky. I wasn't ready to give up the bright September yellow. So I snipped the flower heads and put them in water in a thrifted glass bowl, floating together with some polished rocks on the bottom for interest. Decorating with items found outside has always intrigued me. And while some of my ideas stay, some are ditched almost immediately. But changing my mind costs nothing. Heh.

Earlier this fall, I turned my ankle while out for a walk with Shane and the girls. It was very painful and swelling set in almost immediately. The sprain severely limited what I could tolerate doing. Enjoying the autumn weather and tree colors was impossible except for the few trips in the car I needed to make. After so much forced rest, I was anxious to test out my recovering ankle and see the changing leaves. I couldn't go walk everywhere I wanted, but sitting in the sunshine and admiring the views was restorative.

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