Sunday, October 11, 2020

Teaching like a parent

A short article I submitted to our local homeschool newsletter for September's edition.

As homeschooling parents and families, we have witnessed the whole world suddenly interested in discussing the merits and faults of homeschooling. It is remarkable to hear even the casual conversation invoke this idea of learning outside of a classroom. As many of us have resumed some form of our homeschooling routines in recent weeks, we may wonder how we found ourselves doing this task and we may even question our ability as we listen to conversations swirling around us. I hope these words give you confidence to see how parents are very capable teachers.

There really is no secret sauce to teaching your own child anything. You listen to and observe what they can tell you about any topic or skill; then you add to their understanding and listen and observe again.
Repeat with every topic, project and skill under the sun. Teaching is listening well, expanding the conversation or effort and then listening and observing again.. Anyone can do this, whether they assign books to be read or show concepts on a board, paper or with an object.

Adding to someone's understanding is not the most difficult part. Listening and observing require more effort and self-control, but it is a sweet reward to see your child grow in wisdom, knowledge and competence. So be encouraged that as a parent, you are uniquely created to do the work of a teacher as you live and learn with your children.

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