Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Almost a riddle but more like a rhyme

Whatever comes of today, we have this memory of what we put into making yesterday's today. Putting the effort of care and beauty of today means that you have the memory of it for tomorrow and days after. And so each today gives us the opportunity to spend it in ways that will be a kindness to remember in the tomorrows. 
My posting of this tablescape is part of doing something today that was already enjoyed in a yesterday, but by me sharing the photo in this space allows me to enjoy it again and perhaps even be seen by others for their enjoyment.
It took effort and care to track down a new tablecloth, to decide to spend money on cut flowers for our home and to dress up the tea lights with pretty tape and many other actions and decisions to create this for our extended family gathering. And while I did feel the stress of finishing this centerpiece in time, I also allowed myself the time and effort to take just a couple of photos to remember and enjoy later. In creating some sense of beauty for myself and my family, I also gave myself permission to be me, a person who sets up tablescapes with items collected from around our home. (It also means at some point, I gave myself permission to acquire these possessions.) 
Sometimes the second-hardest thing to let yourself do is care, and the hardest is to let others see that you care. It makes you feel vulnerable and open to possible critique but it also contributes to you feeling alive.
My husband has often referred to a paraphrase of Augustine's words to "Love God and do what you want." to explain his views on how Christians can see their life choices. We are the most free to be ourselves when we have already submitted to the view of who God is and who we are. 
And so my todays are governed by how I want to think of them tomorrow; with thankfulness and renewed purpose to be most alive in what I care for and how I show that care.

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