Saturday, January 07, 2023

easing into January

The Christmas decorations have been pared way back and some fresh cut cedar branches are now on the mantle in place of all the nutcrackers and their companions. The railing is still wearing various garlands and lights as the mornings and evenings are still quite dark. The kitchen window was refreshed with a houseplant desperate for daylight and little houses to cheer up the necessary kitchen work. Small cedar pieces and candles keep our dining table from looking too forlorn while I settle into the winter cooking of soups and stews, roasted meats and vegetable stir-fry concoctions that keep us eating well and using up veggie and meat scraps. 
Laura resumed her schoolwork this week knowing that almost all of her friends are still on Christmas break, but we took two weeks in November to visit my family so we are back at it, although she led the way this week picking her own assignments and timetable. She declared it a "fun week of schoolwork".
I didn't dare disagree although I need to spend more time on creating a more formal Term 2 schedule. But after a whole week of not shopping for anything, I had to load back up on groceries and household needs and I was ready to just chill in my living room roost for the last two days. So that's why there are three long December posts even though I started this January one first. 
For our first church lunch of 2023, I cooked up a favorite Sage Rice Pilaf dish and roasted a lingering squash, using the halves to create one savory and one sweet portion to try.  Cranberries, pecans, brown sugar and butter for the sweet and Everything Bagel Mix, walnuts, feta  cheese and olive oil for the savory. It felt good to get back into the kitchen after crashing a bit on the weekend. (Seth and I brought home McDonalds for everyone after our trip to the city. Oh the horrors we endure...)
The sun has been in battle with the grey sky most days so when it breaks through, it feels like a whole new world. I haven't been outside at all so I'm very overdue for some trail walking and fresh air.
On Wednesday, I finished an errand with Kate just in time to get back to the river by our house and take some sunset photos before zooming back up the steep hill we live on to have a Costco supper of Chicken Penne Alfredo and settle back into my novel reading. 
Happy New Year of our Lord to you! 

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