Tuesday, January 02, 2024

A new year to think in

Happy New Year! Here's a post I put on Instagram yesterday to mark January 1, 2024:

I told a friend recently that November and December were my 'Martha' months and I'm hoping January and February can be more my 'Mary' months. (Yes, the sisters mentioned in the Gospels.)
I have books I'd like to plunge into and notes I'd like to make for myself. I do have some projects that need to be done, but if I can have some more reading and writing time this winter, it would help bring balance to my other work.
Here's to the possibilities of a new year! Love and prayers to all of you this year. 💛

P.S. Even at my advanced age, I'm still finding out what makes me tick. And it seems like if I can give myself time and permission to write a small post on one of my accounts, it gets my brain clicking to write a little bit more which gets me thinking a bit more. So strange how one little thing snowballs into several different directions. For months now, I noticed how glad I am for others to daily share their interests and ideas and how good it is for me to think, notice and record things too rather than just sitting back and letting others do it for me. I think it's the fruit of removing the news from my life. And as my dear mom would say, 'that's a whole 'nother topic'!

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