Monday, April 03, 2006

Moving Memories

We'll be moving up to Ottawa for the first of May. My husband and I plan to go up this week/weekend (it's all of an eleven hour drive) to find a place to rent. Hopefully we can be settled by the time of his official start date of mid-May. I have already packed about 20 boxes and have barely made a dent. My almost 3 year old son is a big help...kinda...if you call knocking down walls of boxes and making me stumble around them helpful. Or throwing things in boxes that aren't quite ready to be packed. Or wanting to carry his scissors in his back pocket like Mommy does. Aren't kids great?!
The picture of the moving truck reminds of the way my father-in-law drove the rental truck on one of our previous moves. The move included several back country roads which harbored two deer that he managed to swerve around only injuring one while he was pouring himself a cup of tea from his thermos! My mother-in-law, baby son and I were riding behind in our car watching the whole catastrophe unfold before our eyes. I felt quite self-righteous as I had been just remarking prior to the deer that he was driving insanely fast and quite erratically. Thankfully the only damage done to the truck was a smashed headlight and the deer eventually limped off into the forest as my husband and I leaned over the ditch to assess her injuries. I think she was glaring at my father-in-law, or maybe that was just me.
Dad, if you're reading this, thanks for all your help, but I think we'll get professionals this time!


  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Send that little, 3-year-old, piece o' white trash out to Saskatoon during the move.

  2. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Well written memory:-)


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