Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Packing Faux Pas

Here's a lighthearted moment amidst all the stress of moving our household to Ottawa. We went to the Moving Company's warehouse today to pick up some additional boxes. While there I asked one of the employees for cardboard sections to place inside the box to keep my glasses and mugs from smashing into each other.
Well...he looked at me and promptly said, "We don't use them anymore, we haven't used them for twenty years." And while I slowly nodded my head with a silent, "Oh" on my lips, he slammed dunk my packing error by reiterating that no one packs glasses like that anymore. It takes up too much space. He went on to say that only the liquor stores pack glass that way nowadays. Standing in a warehouse gravel parking lot with a man with blue workpants on and his uniformed shirt, I felt the weight of my packing faux pas come down hard on my tired shoulders. As we got in the car, I was already laughing at the man's aghast demeanor when he realized how I was wanting to pack my glassware. Who knew?!
I am humbled.


  1. How dare you pack your glassware like that, Heather?

    And French in your title? Canada is having an impact on you I see!

  2. I'm climbing the Canadian social ladder, except mine is missing a few rungs! :)


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