Wednesday, November 29, 2006

An Admission and a Link

So my Mom and I didn't tell very many people, but we went shopping on Black Friday and had a very easy time. The only crowd was in Target in the toy and electronic sections. The rest of the stores were bustling, but controlled and pleasant to be in. We made our purchases, but took time to browse in our more favorite stores like Barnes & Noble, where I declared that if my husband ever sent me back to work, I would promptly come right back to the B&N children's area. For those who don't know, I worked there while in university and for a short time after.
Oh, what wonderful treasures we found. Some of them I hope to highlight throughout this upcoming month. Something happens to me when I step inside well done bookstores. It's like time stands still and my real life ceases to exist as I am mesmerized by stories and pictures spilled out on paper. And I must confess, I am a book snob. Many books are trash. Either terrible or missing plots, horrendous illustrations that bring headaches or absurd formatting that crowds out the content.
So needless to say, my eyes glaze over as I scan and skim waiting for my eyes to catch on a true find on which to feast. Umm, what was I saying?
Oh right, so we went shopping on Black Friday with nary a story to tell. But one early morning blogging shopper from down south shares this amazing story of providential encounters on America's most famous shopping day.
Her other blog about Advent4evangelicals will get it's own spotlight in December, which is only a few days away!


  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I have often wondered what that glazed over look in your eyes I know!!!!!! Neat shopping story.

    another Mrs. Barnes

  2. Just testing....1... 2... 3 .....


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