Thursday, November 02, 2006

In the not-too-distant future

So I was looking at my blog stats for the past week and many of the Google search terms that have brought people to my blog are related to spanking.
It's been months now since I blogged on that topic, but lately I've been ruminating on some of the related discipline issues. Several passages that I have seen Christian anit-spanking parents use to advance their cause are have been coming to mind and I intend to study up on them and post my findings. One of them for sure will be 1 John 4:18 and probably another will be Matthew 25:40,45.
My goal is certainly not to antagonize anyone, but to discuss the verses in the context in which they were written. Wresting verses out of context to suit our purposes and beliefs is an insult to God's Word. There is an intended meaning for every passage and as Christians we need to deal honestly with the text, regardless of what it does to our belief system.
With that said, I better save the rest of my thoughts for the real post.

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