Friday, December 08, 2006

On the links

So here a few blogs and sites I wanted to give an (hopefully) honorable mention:
First up is Advent4evangelicals
I found this Christmas blog through my blogospheric travels and thought it was a great way to anticipate Christmas day and the wonders that followed. Various women, some of whose blogs I read semi-regularly contribute with their own personal reflections.
And this one Lifenut is just different. Her writing is skillful, interesting and memorable. The posts are hard to describe, but the ones I read, I read over several times. The line between fiction(storytelling) and truth is quite blurry over there, so just sit back and take it for what it is, a blog with a distinct personality.
Follow this link to DrawMo! to view artwork posted at Flickr by amateur artists dedicated to posting a drawing a day for the month of November. Very cool renderings for those of us who find the eraser easier to use than the pencil.


  1. I fixed the links if you tried before. Sorry about that.

  2. Don't take that Advent4evengelicals to heart please; this is not the year to change any traditions; think of all that time on the road as good quality family time; cuddle as a family by our fire (remember you don't have one);think of the built in babysitter you have here etc. etc.


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