Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007 to all

In honor of my dad and my younger brother, I watched the NY Times Square ball drop last night, meaning I had to stay up til 1 a.m. Yawnnnn...
Then crashing into bed shortly there after, I managed 2 hours of sleep before I heard my young son wimpering from his "bed" on the floor. He was wet. I had forgotten to exchange his underwear for a pull-up and he was soaked. Changing his pajamas, finding which of his two blankets were still dry and wondering how on earth we were all going to fit into the double bed, I was surprisingly alert and severely annoyed at my oversight.
The rest of the night, (technically morning) I slept fitfully as I tried to keep my son more on my side and give my husband more room. I'm not sure what angle my head came to rest on but by daylight, my neck hurt enough to believe that I had been sleeeping possum style at some point in the night.
So Happy New Year and someone please remind me about this night the next time I tempted to spout off about what's-his-face for being so forgetful.

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