Monday, February 12, 2007

Downtown on the Canal

A week ago Sunday, we joined the skating throngs on the first weekend of Winterlude, a huge outdoor winter festival complete with ice slides and snow sculptures.
Many of the contraptions that whizzed by us contained bundled children, relaxed adults and wheel-chair bound skating enthusiasts with sleds and sleighs in tow.
Dads harnessed to sleds smoothly weaved in and out of the skating traffic while the paramedics and security personnel traveled slowly on ATVs ready to aid those who had fallen prey to the slippery ice.
Couples skated hand-in-hand, while laughing teenagers moved together in small clusters trying to stay out of the cracks and holes marked by orange spraypaint.
And all were on their best behavior, watching for slow-moving children, wobbly knees and sprawled legs. Friendly skaters enjoying this unique activity together.
We were cold, but as long as we were moving, we were happy.
Skating to the first warming station, we rested and then turned back to skate the way we had come. Tired legs pumping hard with the knowledge that we would soon be out of the snowy cold and back into the warmth of the heated shopping mall.

Click here to learn more about the Rideau Canal.


  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    huh! i didn't know americans could skate! :D hehe!

  2. Yeah, there's a lot you don't know!
    ohhhhhhh snap!
    listen, you take care of our baby.
    who knows, it could be my son's future wife!

  3. Anonymous1:55 PM

    HAHAHA! That would be cute! Ya never know!


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