Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wild Grows the Heather in Devon

The Savior of the world was called Jesus because he would save his people from their sins, and from the sin nature that lies within them. The fact that sin resides deep in the heart of every man and every woman ought to be the most fearful and terrifying fact in all the universe. It is the single circumstance of the human condition which we ought to combat with more vigor than any other.
Rarely, however, is it so. Instead man fights all known evil except that one overarching evil at the root of everything. Thinking to rid the world of its problems, its inhabitants labor against every plague of society, while ignoring that which causes the rest--their own sin nature.
Alas, our need of a Savior is greater than our cries for deliverance. We battle the world's ills, not recognizing that those ills can never be cured until the great evil is cured.

--Michael Phillips

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