Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Life as seen from a four-year old's camera Album 1

So the little guy got a Fisher Price digital camera for his birthday, compliments of my mom. And he can take around 85 pictures before the camera needs to be unloaded, so yeah, some of them need to be deleted. Others you have to turn your neck at crazy angles to recognize the context. And since most of you have not been to our house and its surroundings you will be at a distinct disadvantage. However captions should clear things up a little. The resolution is not that shabby, however the focus is not always the clearest, but given the fact he doesn't warn you before taking your picture, it's probably a good thing. Enjoy his work.
His first picture ever!

Waiting in the car for mom...

Still waiting...

One of my favorites...

That's quite a zoom lens

Who knew concrete steps could look so interesting

Oh, of course, it's...?

Another favorite of mine

The photographer being photographed at his request


  1. I think this little guy has some potential here, Mommy!

  2. yes, the question is potential for what exactly? :)


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